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Who Are We?

The Crib empowers children, young people and young adults to reach their highest potential and be agents of positive social change.

We provide socially inclusive holistic interventions that support the individual’s personal and social development. Many of the people we engage require additional support to overcome complex challenges that restrict them from enjoying being positive and active members of their communities

The Crib carries the London Youth Silver Mark and its work is validated by Project Oracle. We are active members of the Voluntary Youth & Community Sector. We are supported by and work in partnership with central and local government, Metropolitan Police, schools and alternative education, housing associations, corporate social responsibility programmes, and private trusts & foundations.

Through 20 years of grass roots community engagement, outreach and participation activities, the Crib has built a core membership of 700 people. Annually over 1,500 young people actively participate, and 4,000 are engaged, in the Crib’s non-formal, creative learning and participation programmes.

The Crib Safeguarding Policy


Patron of the Crib youth project 

Jason Blades MBE is a British furniture restorer and television presenter. He grew up in Hackney, which in his childhood was a working class area of Inner London, and now lives in Ironbridge in Shropshire. Janette Collins MBE was his youth worker

Our History

The Crib has been running generic sessions and workshops in and around Hackney since 1999. We were formed initially to address anti social behaviour and a recognised deficiency of youth provision in the Shoreditch neighbourhood. It was known as the Hoxton Community Safety Project, then young people changed the name to The Crib, meaning they felt at home. By January 2001, it was established as a detached youth project, offering an inclusive environment for local young people from diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds.

Our Hope

We hope to bring trust to our communities and contribute to a society where young people want to be in education or work, have ambition to succeed and the encouragement to do so. A place where intergeneration is key, young people respecting their elders and working together to make their communities thrive, We run a variety of workshops which enable young people to develop into who they are and where they want to be.

It is essential that we do all that we can to encourage and inspire young people to believe in their ability and capacity for good. Mistakes and wrong choices may been made. This does not mean change is impossible and cannot be their new choice. We’re here at the Crib to help. We advise and guide young people. We empower them. We provide them with tools and techniques to travel towards and enjoy positive futures

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