Der Zweite Blick / The Second Look Project

The Crib youth project partnered with Street vibes from Southeast London to take 12 young people from London to Berlin. The project is in partnership with Gangway beatz and Witness, two respected organisations in Berlin. After 2 years of planning, we finally got the project off the ground. The aim is to have two exchanges in 18months, and to create a joint story of both cities. My story my City, using the exchanges as a tool to have a cultural exchange and learn more about the Cities history and people.

Effectively breaking the stereotypes they might have (Second look). The first exchange took place in February half term 2014. The Berlin organisation hosted us and made us feel welcome. We learnt a lot about the city and the people. Visited the Berlin wall, Sachsenhausen concentration camp and many other places; and in the evenings we went to spoken word events and hip-hop events. The young people were able to mix very well with each other, although it helped that most of the Germans could speak English, our young people were still determined to learn as much German as they could. Other activities include writing workshops, studio sessions, and making videos, planning ideas for the entire project.

We then hosted the Berliners in London in May 2014, we put on an itinerary that would keep them entertained. Trips to museums, Hyde Park, recording studios as we both cities collaborated on several tracks.

It was a very successful youth exchange and all the young people involved loved the experience.

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