Sharp End

Sharp End is a workshop facilitated by young people
from The Crib youth project.

What Is Sharp End?

Knife crime is a serious concern in London, a disease that is deep rooted within our communities. 


Knife related murders are rising every year, with a steep increase in the year of 2017-2018; with 285 killings. Figures show that 25% of the victims were black and one in four victims were men aged between 18-24


It is up to us, as a community to find the cure and make sure we are not just treating the visual symptoms. There are too many young people, involved with knife crime, whether that is as a perpetrator or victim of knife crime! 


The Sharp End workshop is run and delivered by a lead facilitator who has been working with young people and Families for 40+ years with first hand knowledge and experience, as well as our peer facilitators, who have been trained specifically in facilitating hard hitting workshops to young people focusing on knife crime. We have also added to our team, a mother who has lost her son to knife crime, to show the young people how raw it is and the realness of the consequences, not just for the young people but the families of them.

We work with approximately 1500 of young people each year, educating them on knife crime and the consequences. 


Want to run a session at your school, prison, youth club or organisation?

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