Trading Places

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What Is Trading Places?

Is a programme which enables young people to trade places with police, Teacher, Prison wardens and older people in the community. In these sessions young people reverse roles with the chosen professionals giving the young people and the professionals the opportunity to see how they are perceived by the other, also how each other attitudes and ways of dealing with each other which can affect the way in which ‘effective’ work is done. It builds trust and respect within the community and the organizations which work with young people.

The Crib has run these sessions with the metropolitan police for the past 9 years. Running the sessions in the local youth offending team buildings and community centers, to help build trust and understanding for both the young people and police. It has helped to build strong relationships with young people, local SNT and community police groups. Its effectiveness shows not only in our evaluation but there is significant improvement in communication between young people and police in a number of areas we have worked in.

Trading places allowed me to have a better understanding of how to deal with the police.

Junior, 17

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